Falling for Nature

Fall is a great reminder of why caring for nature is so important. As I was out for my bicycle ride this weekend it really hit me just how important spending time in nature is for fueling our passion to protect her. As I was riding along the Truckee River it struck me that if more people could experience nature at her best, more people would be inspired to protect her.

It was a perfect day to be outside and enjoying the outdoors this weekend in Reno; the day started out cool but warmed to a beautiful 72 degree, just perfect for changing the colors of the local foliage. Once I got down along the river I immediately began to notice how spectacular the fall foliage was. To add to the experience the river is still flowing strong thanks to above average snowpack in the Sierras. As I rode along the river and enjoyed the warm day, the amazing foliage, and the flowing river I felt so lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

When we are trapped in our day to day existence of going to work and scrambling to meet the demands of our daily life it is easy to put our passions for protecting nature on the backburner, but a short trip to our local park for a walk along the river or around your local lake can do amazing things to re-invigorate us. I urge you all to get out and enjoy fall while you can; I know the experience will recharge your passions to protect and preserve nature.


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