The Bridge to Ubergreen

What reason do we have to be conservative about our energy usage and carbon footprint? Maybe we can look to Freidrich Nietzsche for some of the answers. Freidrich believed that the worst thing we could do was nothing, that it was our duty to build a bridge to the Uberhuman, and the worst thing we could be was part of the herd that just followed along.

Today so many people choose to be part of the herd, they all get together and laugh at the people who believe that humans are contributing to global warming; its natural why worry about it? We should worry about it because each of us has the potential to make a difference, and reducing our carbon footprint can be accomplished with minimal effort.  Separating trash from recyclables, using transportation that reduces the impact to our environment, using goods made from recycled products, and supporting businesses that are environmentally conscientious are all simple ways to reduce our carbon footprint and require little effort.

The problems that we have created over the past 200 years won’t be solved in a generation, it will take time. Humans have the potential to find solutions, but we need a bridge to get there. If we break away from the herd today we can allow humans to evolve into a species that lives in harmony with the environment. If we start today there is the potential for an Ubergreen human to look back at us as we are today, much as we now look back on the lowly ape and say “look at the way they lived in their own feces, the animals”.  Don’t be a member of the herd, build the bridge!


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