Idling Costs More Than You Think

With winter quickly approaching and cool mornings already upon us, we are due to see an increase in vehicle idling. Many people will routinely start their vehicles while drinking their morning coffee and many others will routinely leave their cars idling to keep their cabs warm. But this type of behavior costs consumers money, wastes fuel, contributes to poor air quality, and increases the chances of auto theft; in addition many states have laws against excessive idling.

While most states have anti-idling laws in place for diesel truck engines, Nevada is a liberal 15 minutes while California is 5 minutes and New York is 3 minutes, light vehicles with gasoline engines also contribute substantially towards poor air quality and unnecessary fuel usage through idling also. Many corporations are now equipping their vehicles with GPS systems and using idling alerts to in an effort to save money by reducing idling time. Studies have found that turning off your engine can save up to 19% on your fuel costs.

We hear every year as the weather cools down that authorities warn us of cars being stolen as they sit idling in the morning while the owner finishes their coffee and gets ready for work, leaving your car idling is an invitation to car theft. But operators who use this practice are also robbing themselves of up to 20% on their fuel bill. In addition, they are contributing to poor air quality when it is unnecessary to do so. By being conscientious about idling our vehicles we can save money, contribute to a cleaner environment, and substantially reduce the chance of being the victim of auto theft.


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