G-Diesels Future Looks Clear

There is a new alternative fuel on the market, and Nevadans can take pride in the fact that it has been born in our own backyard. G-Diesel, brought to us by Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC, seems to be showing great promise in the clean energy circles. One of the problems we seem to run into when looking at alternative fuel sources is that they require a whole new infrastructure to become a viable alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel. But with G-Diesel’s no new infrastructure is necessary, the product can be stored in the same tanks as traditional diesel fuel and sold at any station that has diesel fuel available.  In addition, there are no issues with running G-Diesel with regular diesel.

Advanced Refining recently completed upgrades to their Peru Heights refining facility in Story County, this doubled their output to 200,000 gallons per day. The refinery is located in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center just east of Reno and will provide approximately 50 full time jobs to the Reno/Sparks economy. Plans are well underway to expand into Clark County where G-Diesel is already being enthusiastically used to reduce emissions and meet air quality standards.

G-Diesel uses a combination of 2 to 1 mix of diesel and natural gas in order to come up with a product that is priced at the same level as diesel, but burns much cleaner. As an additional benefit the ClearRefining® process may be derived from waste biogas sources in the future, taking advantage of a natural and renewable source of energy and of course as the name implies, the clear refining method uses a closed loop system with a zero waste discharge system to provide a clean and efficient refining process.

G-Diesel is currently being sold at several locations around the Reno/Sparks area and can be purchased at the same price as regular diesel fuel, but burns much cleaner. Look for the G-Diesel emblem on the pumps where you fuel, or click on the G-Diesel to see a list of providers. Give it a try, and feel good about burning a cleaner alternative to diesel.


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