The Future of Transportation

The world population is now around 7 billion people! Wow, that’s a staggering number. It’s amazing that our planet can provide healthy food, clean water, clean air, and natural resources to support all of these people, what an amazing place. About eight years ago I found myself accepting a job in a fleet services department, at the time I just thought it was kind of cool to be able to learn about and play with all of this great equipment, but as I became more familiar with my industry, I realized that this was an opportunity to make a difference, to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.

Fossil fuel has been the easiest and most efficient source of energy available on our planet and has fueled incredible growth throughout the industrial revolution, but this is not a source of fuel that contributes to a clean environment, nor is it a source of fuel that will last over the long run. In addition, as we deplete the easiest to extract and process sources of oil, it will become increasingly expensive and unrealistic as a source of energy to fuel the world’s hungry economies.

While people may dispute whether global warming is natural or human caused, the fact is that the planet is warming and the consequences will have dire effects on the human race. We take for granted that the earth will always supply the essential elements that we need to survive, but as the planets populations grow and the worlds economies continue to shift from an agricultural to an industrial base, the human contribution to the problem will continue to grow.

As transportation professionals we have the ability to help reduce the amount of fossil fuel consumed and bridge the gap towards a lasting and clean source of energy. By promoting the technologies that will enable the transportation industry to reduce carbon emissions we can play a significant role in reducing the human impact on global warming. Our planet truly is an amazing place, and those of us who work in the transportation industry have the opportunity to help our planet by moving the transportation industry towards a more sustainable future that will allow the Earth to continue to provide the essential elements that are necessary to support our growing populations.


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